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Assessing Blood Cell Deformability:  From Ektacytometry to Microfluidics

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The physiology and morphology of the vascular bed and blood cells imparts unique rheological stress on circulating blood cells. Panel A: The vascular bed is composed of blood vessels of various sizes which create significant disparity in blood (fluid and cellular) velocity consequent to vessel diameter. The fluid flow induces rheological sheer stress while the vessel size can create biomechanical deformation of cellular elements.  Panel B:  Shown are the general physical parameters of human RBC and WBC.  Note that the biconcave RBC is a anuclear while within the WBC, the nucleus:cytoplasm (N:C) ratio of monocytes and lymphocytes are quite divergent.  RBC cytoplasmic viscosity is primarily defined by hemoglobin while in WBC, in addition to the nucleus, the presence of granules and vacuoles also impact intracellular viscosity and the aggregate cellular deformability. Panel C:  Blood cell deformability is crucial during vascular flow due to the size disparity between red blood cells and various leukocytes (e.g., monocytes and lymphocytes) and the capillary (4-5 µm) and splenic interendothelial clefts (0.5 µm).  Panels B-C are drawn approximately to scale.

Among the most crucial rheological characteristics of blood cells within the vasculature is their ability to undergo the shape change (i.e., deform).  The significance of cellular deformability is readily apparent based solely on the disparate mean size of human erythrocytes (~8 µm) and leukocytes (10-25 µm) compared to the minimum luminal size of capillaries (4-5 µm) and splenic interendothelial clefts (0.5-1.0 µm) they must transit. Over the past several years our laboratory has investigated the deformability of normal and abnormal blood cell using a variety of techniques (ektacytometry, micropore cell transit times and microfluidics).  Most recently, we have been investigating how a new generation of small, inexpensive, microfluidic devices can be used to examine the vascular deformability of erythrocytes and leukocytes.  These new microfluidic devices may prove useful in evaluating donor blood prior to transfusion and even in evaluating donors prior to blood collection.


Measuring Deformability

RBC Deformability

WBC Deformability

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Relevant Laboratory Publications

Scott, M.D., Matthews, K., and Ma, H. Assessing the Vascular Deformability of Erythrocytes and Leukocytes: From Micropipettes to Microfluidics. In: Current and Future Aspects of Nanomedicine (Editor: Khalil, I.), INTECH Croatia. ISBN 978-1-78985-870-9 (2019). in press.  DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.90131

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