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Mark D. Scott, Ph.D.  • Clinical Professor Emeritus

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine & Centre for Blood Research at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC  Canada


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for RBC Alloimmunization

Stealth RBC:  Boutique RBC For the Discriminating Customer

Immunocamouflaged (Stealth) RBC: Alloimmunization to non-ABO Blood Group Antigens is a significant problem in transfusion medicine - especially in the chronically transfused patient.  Our goals for the Stealth RBC:

•  Compassionate Use in  Alloimmunized Patients With ‘RARE’ Blood Types

•  Prophylactic Use in At-Risk Individuals - Especially Chronically Transfused Individuals

•  Meeting transfusion needs in Remote and/or Blood Supply Constrained Locations.

•  Improved Supply of RhD‘who cares’ RBC (i.e., camouflaged RhD+) in low frequency countries (e.g., China).  Predictive Mapping Studies suggests that PEGylated RhD+ RBC would be safe in both naive and alloimunized RhD- recipients.

  Stealth RBC Research

Scanning EM of a polymer-modified RBC.  Shows normal discoid morphology.

RhD+ red blood cells are effectively camouflaged from phagocytic recognition.  Shown is the phagocytosis of unmodied and mPEG-modified RhD+ RBC opsonized with 8 human sourced anti-D alloantibodies using the clinically validated monocyte-monolayer assay (MMA).  Note the effect of polymer size (2, 5 and 20 kDa) on the induction of immunocamouflage.

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